No Sales Taxes Custom Golf Clubs

Welcome to our website! We have been helping golfers take their game to the next level since 2003. The first thing you will notice is there is a lot to choose from both clubs and shafts. Don’t get overwhelmed we are here to help! We specialize in Custom Fitting our customers over the phone. So if you have questions about which club and which specs you should go with give us a call. You may wonder how is that possible to be fit over the phone? Well, first off you should know we have a 97% success rate doing this for 12 years and Tens of Thousands of fittings! Secondly, most golfers don’t realize that the large majority of options are not right for them so the list of options becomes very specific pretty quickly.

We have all new 2015 models in every Manufacturer ready to be custom fit to you with a premium aftermarket shaft perfectly fit to your swing and your goals. We are your private access to Tour Van level equipment that will be sure to make playing partners envious. Especially when you knock it past them. Browse our website and let us know what to send you to take your game to the next level.